December 19th, 2004


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*blinks in the light*

I, um. I'm. Oh, my god. I THINK I'M DONE.

*bursts into tears*

Hee! I like it, too. It's a good story, and written in two days. Woot!

Anyone I can help, let me know. buddleia, I'll have yours back within the hour.

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tired kitten

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Okay, off to bed, because I can't call in sick tomorrow, I forgot. I have to save up all my days for CFTC next year! Dammit. :) In the spirit of Sesa, I am taking ManDate along as a bedtime snack, because mmm.

I hope no one's upset if this year I try and guess all the authors like a crazy driven person. It's fun! Anyhow, watch this space if you want in. I'll most likely guess all of them wrong, so you can correct me and say HA, and what could be funner than that?

All of you writers who aren't done, it's going to be okay. It really is! Believe it.