June 29th, 2005

tired kitten

(no subject)

Dear Zappos.com:

You win. I hate you.


p.s. I got the pink. *smites*

Welp! Today I turn in my notice at the leasing office, unless they offer to lower my rent. HAHAHAHAHA. Whew. And then off to Disney. lilysaid! I will call you in a little bit. I forgot I had silenced my cell phone. When JC starts singing I INVARIABLY jump and clutch my chest, and I didn't want to kick the poor pedicure lady in the face.

And then, perhaps, the story. Ah, story. How I love you, and hope to have you finished in time for trickC month next year. It's okay. *smooch*

Let us not speak of the JuC swap story, though. I'd like to preserve this (fragile, tentative) good mood.