September 1st, 2005

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First of all, I saw this down by the lake today. No ducks to be found. I can't understand it.

Secondly, thank you, missria, 1107red, diggybear, and fuskeez, for throwing such a great party! I'll admit I spent way too many hours last night reading.

callsigns wrote me the coolest tale of pirates and adventure and obsession! How can I resist a story in which they consummate their passion inside the belly of a whale? I can't, that's how. Thank you, Jessa! I am really pleased. Also, the dream sequence? Fucking HOT.

I wrote for lilysaid, and let me tell you, it was difficult. First, omg STRESS, writing for an author whose work I admire. Also, STRESS, because I'm not that good of a liar, although I like to think I am. What topic of conversation KEPT COMING UP at CFTC? God. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could ever learn to keep my lies straight. I'm pretty sure I claimed to be writing for every author in fandom at one point or another. And third, STRESS, because lily requested an AU. *blank*

But I'm glad she did. I never would have found these guys but for the STRESS challenge of writing this story.

in the heart, a little house

Yoga is supposed to be, like, this great spiritual thing. To Justin, it just seems dumb.

thank you northernveil, halowrites, and withdiamonds, for listening to me wail
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Well, I tried to give blood today. Low hemoglobin. Too bad. Now I know why the potatoes and spinach looked so good at the store the other day.

Also, I signed up as a medical volunteer for Alabama, Louisiana, or Mississippi. I'm scared. But, you know, I think I have enough paid time for about a week off work, and... *flails* what're ya gonna do. These things happen. One minute you're grimacing at the irate lady in the car ahead, because you didn't mean to tap her bumper, you were just trying to let the guy behind you into the turn lane. The next minute, you're passing out bandaids to a bunch of looters who didn't have the sense to come in out of the rain. It's a weird life, I tell you.

Are we enjoying the swap stories? HELL, YES. Let me pimp my favorite, just for now:

What Not To Expect, by beth666ann

Absolute spot-on characterization, wonderful characterization, and the dynamic between JC and Justin, I kind of hope it's really something like this. It was so nice to see a vision of Wade and Britney that bypassed the obligatory condemnation, too. Kinda wished Bobbie'd had her say, too, but eh. Too much symmetry is boring.

A fabulous story. This is what I was hoping for from this challenge.

...back to reading. Also, I have to go eat a liver or something.
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Since I am essentially lazy, I will let katallison say it for me:

...there's nothing I can say that isn't (a) being reported and commented on better by others, or (b) isn't ultimately self-referential (me! my OMG so deep feelings!), and hence pretty much beside the point at this juncture.

Actually, I will say one thing. Every time I see pictures of George Bush looking omg!so sad looking out the window of Airforce 1, I hear him thinking, Why me. Is too bad.

Grad school prep:

I dove into algebra tonight for the first time in... 24 years?? !! ? Whoa. And yeah, that algebra was the amount of college algebra someone takes who's an english major who snuck out of math in high school by taking four years of Latin. I don't even want to hear it.

I knew I'd have trouble with quadratic equations, because a) they are the tools of Satan, and b) when I moved from Florida to Wisconsin in the seventh grade, those cheeseheads were already deep into squaring the circle or whatever the heck it is you do to factor those silly things, and I never ever ever caught up. Never learned factoring, got Cs and Ds on my report card, which hurts me in my heart, STILL. So I know I have to start from the beginning with all this stuff. This is what I googled up:

Step 1

Find two numbers where when they are multiplied together equal the first number (a=1) multiplied by the third number (c=2). These two numbers when added to each other must also equal the second number (b=-3).

In the above example, the solution is -2 and -1.
We can see that when added together the result is -3 and that when multiplied together, the result is 2

Um... what? What? That's step 1? Okay, where's Step 0? Clearly, I need Step 0.

Naw, naw, I got it. Just joshing ya. Heh. But how am I going to remember it? I need a special pair of Vans with, like, numbers all over them. That's the ticket.