September 10th, 2005

hada de sorna - I never sleep

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Today is algebra day, it has to be! The test is in a week and a half. So of course I'm noodling about on lj, loving Chris and JC and this crazy life, and I even fired up aim for a change, because what the heck. It's mild and sunny here and I may wander out later and buy some hair dye. It's been a while since I had a hit. And I may try to write later, but I may not.

Stayed up till 1 am last night watching Most Haunted on the Travel channel, quite a committment when you figure I normally get up around 4:30. It was fun! Completely cheesy, but it gave me the willies, and that's all I ask. This show is way different from the one on the SciFi channel, Ghost Hunters. In fact, the shows kind of illustrate the two different philosophies I see in paranormal investigations: in Ghost Hunters, they have tons of shiny equipment and they never admit to anything and nothing (pretty much) ever happens. In Most Haunted, they use psychics and they all sit around scared out of their minds, jumping at every little sound, screeching and freaking out, and lots of weird stuff happens all the time. It's mostly subjective, like "OHMYFUCKINGGOD DID YOU HEAR THAT??" but you can also really hear strange noises off in dark corners, and the team members are honestly scared and not acting, I don't think. Still, the show is clearly more about entertainment and good storytelling than anything else. And by "anything else" I mean "research."

All this is by way of trying to write my trickC day story. Yep. :)

But, you know, I won't natter on about wanky stuff. Just, why is it so frightening? You sit in a dark room and maybe the tv comes on by itself or something whispers in your ear, and it's nothing, really, but it's the scariest fucking thing that could ever happen. Why? And by "you" I mean "me," as is so often the case. Jeez, I know I have issues about death, but the thought of some strange intelligence watching me...

And I'm not talking about JC reading lj, either.