September 21st, 2005

flower bugs by odds against me

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We have this overhead vent on our unit that's packed with grunge, and every day lately I've been noticing black specks all over the counters and sinks and I've been sneezing like crazy. Since many of our patients have no immune systems at all because of the chemo, that's a problem. Like, I've had patients die before because they inhaled some fungus and it grew and took over their sinuses and lungs. V. bad.

But to clean it they had to disassemble the vent and FLOOF, a great cloud of grunge throughout the atmosphere. So now I have what feels like a cold and is actually I guess a big head full of dust, and I took some kind of cough remedy thing that I had stashed in the medicine cabinet in order to be able to breathe today, and WHEE. I am flying down the highway. Sitting here typing, and also flying down the highway. It's a wonder I'm not the biggest druggie in the world. I love it. But that's a Twenty Facts About Me Meme for another day.

It makes the concentrating difficult, though. Which is not so good, because apparently the graduate exam is tomorrow, fuck, and have I learned my math yet? Ahahaha. I'm not ready. I went to the website to try and reschedule, but I waited too long to do it and they won't give me my money back. If I don't take the test tomorrow, I'll forfeit $115, which is not insignificant.

Lord! It's like I'm not happy unless things are careening out of control in an absolute chaotic SeSa-like stress-filled race to the finish line. I am the Bobby Flay of test takers, y'all. It is not pretty. So in my dust-filled drugged-out state, I have to try and learn geometry today, today, and I just hope that the dextromethorphan gives me some kind of insight into lines and planes and angles, because my whole universe is filled with them right now, and the flying.

But anyway, in the interests of talking me down keeping me focused, tell me anything. Weird, wanky, crabby, whiny... HIT ME. I'd make a little anonymous comment box, but I'm pretty sure it'd open up wide and swallow me.