September 29th, 2005

sticks and stones

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The good:

They waived the fee for fixing my stove, since it's considered part of the whole electricty-guy-here-at-9.30pm fiasco. Excellent! Not that I pay the fee, but I figure one of these times my landlady's gonna start protesting. I mean, I've already had to call for the AC. We'll just ignore the little beads of water I saw rolling along one of the ceiling beams when it stormed last night, shall we? Ai.

Chris Kirkpatrick, the black sheep of Nsync, advertising "Booty Beer" to assuage the great pain of being ignored by all the guys. Chris, honey... if it tastes like booty, I ain't drinking it. Call me old-fashioned.

Fall is coming! I love the fall! Already the light is starting to slant in through the windows and turn a little golden in the mornings, and all the lake critters come out to play because it's no longer 93847 degrees out all day long. This morning some large gray gangly bird flew by, right above the surface of the water with his neck stretched out, and he looked just like a pteradactyl or something, some dinosaur bird looking for armored fish. And of course, the turtles cannot believe I haven't yet figured out my place in the scheme of things, i.e., when they pop up their noses, I should throw them a donut. I'm slow like that (and greedy). Sorry, turtles!

The bad:

Staff meeting today. Apparently, we are all messy. *sporks self* This is VITAL, people. Vital enough for me to go to a mandatory meeting on my day off, anyway. You know, I could be studying algebra. But, no. :)

Okay... diffuse kind of rant here, directed at nobody in particular, on a favorite wanky topic of mine. Expecting people to respond to your OMG GREAT PAIN is the very definition of manipulation. No one owes you anything. And your pain is your own. So please... save the pissy attitude when someone doesn't respond "appropriately." It just makes you look like a jerk.

Believe it or not, it's possible to get stuck in a shitty ass situation worthy of great sympathy, and still act like a jerk. You don't automatically get a behavior pass just because life sucks.

That last bit in particular drives me nuts. I see so many people day to day who seem to assume their life circumstances allow them special dispensation, and suddenly they can act like nasty little fuckers because someone or something did them wrong. That... man. That's some class, right there. The funny thing is, many of these folks really honestly think of themselves as good people, possibly even Christian people. It's so frustrating to see.

Eh, whatever. Ain't up to me to school 'em. I do, however, enjoy an occasional diffuse rant. Too bad none of them will see it. :)

The ugly:

I have two pimples. I AM IN MY FORTIES. Where's the justice??
i can't count that high

Crack day coming.

Interesting. Apparently, this undercover deputy is claiming he went to Florida Hospital for a shot of pain medication, and they hit him up with a syringe full of glitter. Like, yes, "red and green sparkling material" that some doctor later had to cut out of his butt. I'm just, I can't. What?

First of all, he says he went for Demerol, but Demerol is non-formulary at FH, because it metabolizes into a neurotoxic substance, and it doesn't do anything that other, better drugs can do instead. But okay, I'm not sure when it was taken out of our pharmacy, and this happened to the guy in 2000.

But the article also implies the pain med was to be given in conjunction with some kind of sinus surgery, and omg why would we give pain meds in an injection when we could give them IV? We wouldn't. Except, all right, the article is vague: maybe he went after the surgery because of the lingering effects of the surgery. Except, again, no. He'd have pain meds at home, or else he'd be admitted to the ER, and they'd start an IV there and give him the pain meds that way.

And, you know, my main reason for being skeptical about all this is glitter. GLITTER. I've met a lot of fucked up nurses in my day, but I've never met anyone dumb enough (or psycho enough, for that matter) to grab her makeup case and start shooting away. Dude, I doubt you could even draw glitter up in a syringe! Although now I really, really wanna try.

I wish I could submit this as the essay portion of my GRE exam. Hahahahaha! That would be awesome.