May 14th, 2006

FGSFDS /b/. amrigh

Hellooo, JC.

Ahahahaaaaaaaha. You may blame tsamm. I just spent the last 96 hours looking at pictures of JC and I FEEL FINE.


So, off to take some ibuprofen and eat some lunch, and I should go get my toes painted up or hit the grocery store or Wal Mart or do something like that, but I'm coming to the realization that writer's block is really hard to overcome if you, ya know, never actually sit down and open up Word and try. I'm calling it writer's block, but really it's laziness and boredom and the need to refresh my flist 349809 times a day, partly because I wouldn't want to miss that one post finally that contains JC's sex tape. I'm totally counting on the backlash from the Same Old Kerfuffle making its way 'round again for that one. I mean, jeez, people. So much kerfuffling, and no naked pictures at all... omg, DOES JC NOT HAVE A CAMERA ON HIS PHONE?? Maybe we need to take up a collection.

Just kidding, shit. Srsly, those friends of his who post stuff all over MySpace, what are they thinking? For that matter, why doesn't JC just banninate the cameras from the mini golf outings, if it bugs him so much when the photos leak? I know he does the crunky-face thing just to fuck with the shots sometimes, but at times I do wonder if he doesn't really get off on being photographed, as well. It's what he's used to, for one thing.

Uh, for that matter... is he really the one who gets mad when the photos are leaked? Or, is it really that everyone's mad on his behalf? Enquiring minds want to know!

Happy Mother's Day, all you mothers out there!! Wait, maybe I could put that better. :P