May 16th, 2006

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Oh, livejournal. What a day it's been.

The sad thing is that my mentor is leaving, the clinical nurse specialist who got me on track when I was fed up last year and ready to quit my job. She told me, "Quit if you want to!" and of course that was the best thing to say. I stayed, and then came the certification and the new job and grad school and things are much better now. I just needed to see my possibilities to be able to boot myself in the butt.

Well, it sucks that she's leaving for personal reasons, but also because she really holds oncology together at my hospital. She's the troubleshooter, the person who looks at problems on the four units and thinks about how to do things better, the person who drives the change to get there. In other words, she's my hero, because DUDE. It's the nature of hospitals to be fucked up, yet we have to keep trying.

Today she sat me down and asked me if I wanted her job. I said, of course, HA HA HA HA, and she agreed, but she said that I should know that no one is likely to take the job, that it stood empty for eight months before she took it, and I of all people in oncology right now had the most likely personality to manage it, and I should keep it in mind for when I have my Master's. In the meantime, she's hooking me up with the hospital-wide manager of the clin specs, I guess to be "groomed" or something, which sounds kind of sexy.

And if that isn't potentially cool enough, there's more! Right now we have one educator for the four units and her. There's talk going around that a way to manage her loss is to add another educator instead -- that is going to be the job I take, if the position is approved. She's submitting my name, and I'll be, like... holy moly! I'll be doing the job I hoped for and am actually going to school to do! Ahahaa!

Does that mean I get to quit school?? DONE.

Naw, naw. We'll see what happens. Freaky, though: I would be salary, not necessarily a bonus, but I'd have all holidays off, which in my lifetime of serving and bartending and floor nursing I've never known. The best thing is that I'd be doing essentially what I am now, so adjusting to the job would be a breeze.

Tentative yays! Good enough! I'll take it.

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