May 20th, 2006

you realize this means war

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Livejournal, I really fucking love Chris Kirkpatrick.

Also, I'm sorry: I'm really lame.

Now that we have the baseline established, I'll let you know that I did, in fact, buy a camera for this event, and I did, in fact, run the battery down playing with my new toy for the 7492 hours before Nigels 11 played, so that by the time I started trying to take pictures of Chris, who was like TEN FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM ME (*dies*) and hotter than the sun, no love. NO LOVE, livejournal. God.

Well, I did get this with my phone:


Shut up.

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Will anyone freak if I upload the pics someone posted to the comments section of the Nigels 11 MySpace?

eta: another thing he said, because I am a dork: "I think I know everyone here. I do know everyone here!!"

....okay, Igonow. It's just, it's, I. *flails*

But, you know how it is. :)