May 27th, 2006

JuC Day by unashamed

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Okay, fine, yes. Why am I on your friendslist?? TELL ME. I must know. And I'll even tell you back, if you want. Muuhaha.

Other than the random internet wackiness, I'm just sitting here, contemplating the many, many assignments I have due. But enough about that. I'm getting better with the camera, in that I do, in fact, think to myself once in a while, "Hey, I could take a picture of that, couldn't I?" Baby steps. I tried to get a shot of a cardinal in the tree next to my balcony, but when I scraped open the screen door it flew away. Just as well. Mal streaked out the door so fast under my feet that I almost went over backwards, and the camera went bobbling up into the air just like in the movies, and I think I may have gotten a few shots of the underside of my porch roof and some spiders, but I'm too scared to unclench my hands from around the camera now to check.

Okay, I'm really here to pimp the JuC Swap challenge, because it is the most fun ever to write, and because it is the most fun ever to read, and because JuC. There! There you have it. Nutshell, baby, what can I tell you. Life is easy and good, sometimes.

Mal is whimpering, so sad at the lost of his brief freedom, and I told him I'd hang out with him down on the floor for a while, so adios. Also, something might be happening with the dragon thing, and something else with the 3manbus thing, but hahaha haa. You know.