May 31st, 2006

lambs!!!socute by rikes

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Livejournal, hi! Today I wrote a story that I ♥, which you'll see when pensnest posts the Dragon Challenge stories. You'll have to guess which one is mine. I think it's guessable, but we'll see.

Ghost Hunters is at the Stanley Hotel, the place in the Shining!! Already, Grant has said, "Hi there, WE ARE HERE TO HELP," so I'm happy. Mal has been banished for scratching furniture, but I suppose I could let him out and hang with him a bit, since he only scratches to tell me to pay attention, ironically. As for dinner, I have Newcastle Brown and pickled asparagus. Mmm.

Work? 6 am? Ain't happenin'. It's like this psychic vibe I'm getting.

Happy Lambies!!