August 26th, 2006


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Okay, better.

Wow! I now understand the benefits of being really fucking paranoid and careful and documenting, like, every move you make, because after a year of recurring automatic online payments on my Bank of America credit card, suddenly my payments are not recurring or automatic for no apparent reason, and by the time I realized it, ai, late fees and more late fees and hours on the phone and much angst and bitterness all around, me and the many, many service reps I had to explain the huge bitch of a story to and make cry. According to their records, I've been making payments since April of this year. That's it. April. A card I've had for three years: April. And the payments? By phone. Or something; they're not sure, they don't know, no one knows, but in the meantime I'm not even too upset about that, except for the part where OMG I'M NOT CRAZY OR A LIAR, I really did have auto payments set up, and never went online to make individual payments, and it's like all those movies where the woman is traveling with her daughter and her daughter disappears and the helpful townsfolk say Daughter? You don't have a daughter, Mary. You've always been the caretaker lived in the castle joooooin us. Where was I? ANYWAY, the part that really bums me out is that they assessed a late fee, and then credited it because I bitched, but they didn't credit it right away but on the next statement, so I still had to pay the late fee but I didn't, because holy shit it's the age of computers! Credit me right now! So my misunderstanding, I guess, but now more late fees, and you know what? I really am pretty good with my money, usually.


Hee! All right, I do feel better now. Sorry. As for going to part time, which I think you can see is a good idea ha ha, I didn't have a chance to talk to my boss yesterday, but I did talk to my co-educator. She said, "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" so I think she's okay with it, and at least she understands where I'm coming from because she's planning her own surprise escape for next year.

Justin, NYC.... JC.... god, I feel a last minute completely futile and ridiculous gesture of defiance coming on. I want to goooo. Man, stuff like that shouldn't come up when I'm all discombobulated like this; things happen.