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August 29th, 2006 - silveryscrape — LiveJournal

The kittie person had to go shopping. Hey, totally understandable choice, actually. It seems we might have a hurricane this week.

We're all so storm-shy these days! Also understandable. Ernesto looks like he'll stay a piddly great bunch of suck, nothing more than about 50 or 60 mph winds, but still the stores are full of people buying cartloads of perishable frozen foods and booze and completely useless snacks and trays of sushi and things... wait, that was me. Most people around here heard the word "hurricane" and immediately raced out to the backyard to spiff up their containment shelters, power up the nuclear reactors and prepare the breeding programs and hydroponics assemblies and inventory the munitions. At work we've already had the important discussions about who gets first crack at the beds overnight, and whether to volunteer the narcotics access codes to the looters right away, or wait to see if we can bargain for food. We are ready for anything, y'all.

I'm just hoping I can get out of the school assignment I have due Thursday night.

In the meantime, yesterday I told my boss I wanted to cut down my hours and she said OH THANK GOD. Naw, naw. I'm joking. She was rather suspiciously cooperative with my plan, though, I have to say, but since I got what I wanted, I'll let that dose of paranoia go. Another nurse will pick up the hours I'm dropping, and my boss told me he or she could be my little slave, so all in all I'm coming out way ahead.

I can't stop thinking about how I could just drop everything and still get a $250 flight up north, so JC and Justin have one more person screaming at them Thursday night. afkaslkfk.
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