silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi, hello.

Settling in to the new place, sick of moving, etc. Much rain the last few days, beautiful on the lake. I'm loving the heat and the rich dense smell that I recall from my childhood, wandering around the bayous up in Pensacola. A green smell, not quite mold, wet. It's the smell I've always associated with Florida, haven't gotten much of it here in Orlando. Now, a year later, I finally feel like I'm here.

Tired and muzzy today. Yesterday they floated me to the ICU. asdfkl!!! !!! Now, those folks are sick. It was most humbling. I didn't take an assignment, because HI, HELLO. Not qualified. But I "helped," and asked nine million questions, and apparently didn't annoy anybody because they offered me a job with critical care training, and god help me, I'm thinking about it. Remember all my whining about less stress? Yeah. Anyway, it's on the table, as Lance would say. I might, I might. It's a good group of people, tight. One possible problem: they called me Mary Poppins all day, with great glee. Would have to nip that shit in the bud post-haste.

Also have an appointment Wed. with Staffing, for a float position, and an app in for Education Specialist, because my favorite thing in the world is to explain things to people. It's my not-so-secret fascist spirit, yo. But anyway, many possibilities coming up. So of course I'm feeling great love for my current co-workers, and things are going very well on the unit, all being-forced-to-float-to-ICU aside. Figures.

It seems I've missed some good wank while I was away? Damn. If only all you people would subsidize my writing, I could've gotten the cable hooked up sooner. Fuckers.

3,000 words on the JuC Swap, and I think the recip. might like it. *crosses fingers* Don't tell anyone, but I may call in sick the 20th, just to be sure I finish.
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