silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Today Nubbin Underwood was driving in a champagne-colored Toyota right behind me down 17-92. His little fauxhawk was combed over and around and through, and he hadn't waxed in a while so I wondered if the links on his gold watch were pulling on all that arm hair. He kept patting his enormous mustache, obviously checking it was still on tight, and I swear to god, y'all, I swear to god. I see JC everywhere. Either that or the All Day Long video has twisted me on a deep, deep level that I'm only now coming to understand. Could be.

But they offered me the job with Staffing, so now I have two job offers. And I'm more confused than ever, of course. I figure what I'll do is, I'll apply for a bunch more jobs and get them, and then I'll chuck it all and stay here. Somehow that appeals to my sense of humor. Also, it's got that air of a genuine if slightly nutso and futile psychological process to it, and I try to be consistant as much as I can.

JuC Swap story, how you taunt me.
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