silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Shh, quick, I have ten minutes before I have to get writing again.

1. It gives my stalker's soul a little thrill whenever Chris is signed into his myspace account. I don't know, shut up. But I give him credit, the William Hung theme music does its job well. I can barely stay a moment before I have to run screaming into the night.

2. Like, these cowboy hippie satan thrasher beat poet types seem to want to friend my myspace thingie lately. What's up THERE? It's like watching Rob Zombie eat fried chicken. Very disturbing, and yet comforting at the same time. WHY, I ask you. Why.

3. SHIT, time's up. My muse is a fucking bitch. I have to go.

4. But first:

JC is... I give up. This is me, giving up.

My First MF Blog

If the world was flat
I would jump right off it
with no one there to catch me
I would end up splashing into the milky way
get star dust in my face
while cruising into hyper space
and pick up venus on my way by

and why not................

Reading it back

I might be the worst blog writer ever.


I keep thinking I couldn't love him more. Silly me.

5. Congratulations, Stella and Linda! OMG I love you both so fricking much. You will have a gorgeous marriage with lots of snark and comfort and ice cream, and I will shamelessly use you both as a pattern for happiness when I write. Blessings upon you and your new life.
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