silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

This morning when I woke up McKay was telling Sheppard "I can't cuddle with you! You're bigger than me!" Sheppard smiled back at him with his eyes mostly closed and said "Rodney," so McKay settled against him gingerly and said "Okay, fine, okay. Don't blame me if this ends up in tears." Sheppard wrapped his arms around McKay's body and said, "I take full responsibility," and I don't know if McKay believed him, really, but his muscles went slack all of a sudden and eventually he started snoring. It was lovely.

Mmm, if I take the GREs *next week* and get the transcripts and the application and the financial aid papers and whatever all else together, I can start the University of Central Florida in the spring, and good lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'll have an MSN with a focus on nursing education by summer 2007. Or, I can do an even more expensive online Master's with the University of Phoenix, which has the interesting advantage of being a degree in Integrative Health, which means Alternative Therapies and suchlike fun things. The disadvantage is that it's online... when you go to traditional classes, you make contacts, and I can't imagine a better way to break into nursing education than to get to know all the faculty and staff at a nursing school. Like, I could conceivably come out of it with a job, and I like the idea of that very much.

But I promised myself I wouldn't yammer on about it. It's nice to have long range goals, let's leave it at that. Now I just have to figure out the short term stuff. Ha.

For all the science geeks on my flist, I offer this important bit of research: Fun with Grapes -- A Case Study. Now I have to run to the store. What? No reason.
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