silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

The Superdome is leaking, and the roof is trying to come off.

The thing about hurricanes is that they last so long. It's not like a tornado, where the air raid sirens come on and there's some heavy lightening and a vicious t-storm and then BOOM. Or not boom, if you're really lucky. And then the sun comes out and it's, like, an hour later and eveything's okay. Unless, of course, boom.

With a hurricane you're waiting for it, wondering if you should buy some water, and waiting for it, and the plywood's gone from the shelves at Home Depot, and waiting for it, and the highway's backed up for miles as everyone tries to get out of town. And then you wait, and two days later it starts to rain. And then it rains, and rains, and the winds come up, and then it really rains, and then the sun comes out, because that was just a squall. And that happens twelve times, only a little harder every time, and suddenly it gets real because you look out and the rain is falling straight sideways, and there goes the neighbor's ficus, the one in the mexican clay pot, careening through the air. And the glass is rattling like mad in the windows and you start to realize why they say don't even bother with strapping tape, and the sound of the wind is maddening and endless and you can hear tree limbs or something thudding into the side of the house, and then the power goes out.

And that's just the beginning. Then it goes on for days and days, and sometimes it gets worse.

God bless all those folks, especially the poor stupid fuckers who wouldn't leave.

In other news, a patient's husband told me I had something in my back that "didn't belong." He's into trance channeling and Beings of Light and new age spiritualism and such, and he claimed to be able to "just look at a person and see what's wrong with them physically." He said there was something going on in the left side of my back--the middle. Mmm, I do have trouble with my neck, because of that one herniated disc, but... have to call that one a near miss. He told me I had had surgery in the past. Direct miss. And that the surgeons may have left something in there, I should get that checked out. His eyes got very big when I told him "no" on the surgery, but then I had to go, and I'm so glad I didn't have to have the "alien implant" chat with him, because... yeah. I always, ALWAYS have people like that approach me, but I never know what to say. I mean, why the aliens would want to monitor my back, I do not understand.

I love his outfit. I realize I will be shunned for that opinion, but I don't care. It's so, it's... what a sense of humor, that boy. Red carpet all the way.

Realllllllly want to see his hair down.'s mom's birthday? Oh, god.
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