silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First of all, I saw this down by the lake today. No ducks to be found. I can't understand it.

Secondly, thank you, missria, 1107red, diggybear, and fuskeez, for throwing such a great party! I'll admit I spent way too many hours last night reading.

callsigns wrote me the coolest tale of pirates and adventure and obsession! How can I resist a story in which they consummate their passion inside the belly of a whale? I can't, that's how. Thank you, Jessa! I am really pleased. Also, the dream sequence? Fucking HOT.

I wrote for lilysaid, and let me tell you, it was difficult. First, omg STRESS, writing for an author whose work I admire. Also, STRESS, because I'm not that good of a liar, although I like to think I am. What topic of conversation KEPT COMING UP at CFTC? God. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could ever learn to keep my lies straight. I'm pretty sure I claimed to be writing for every author in fandom at one point or another. And third, STRESS, because lily requested an AU. *blank*

But I'm glad she did. I never would have found these guys but for the STRESS challenge of writing this story.

in the heart, a little house

Yoga is supposed to be, like, this great spiritual thing. To Justin, it just seems dumb.

thank you northernveil, halowrites, and withdiamonds, for listening to me wail
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