silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, I tried to give blood today. Low hemoglobin. Too bad. Now I know why the potatoes and spinach looked so good at the store the other day.

Also, I signed up as a medical volunteer for Alabama, Louisiana, or Mississippi. I'm scared. But, you know, I think I have enough paid time for about a week off work, and... *flails* what're ya gonna do. These things happen. One minute you're grimacing at the irate lady in the car ahead, because you didn't mean to tap her bumper, you were just trying to let the guy behind you into the turn lane. The next minute, you're passing out bandaids to a bunch of looters who didn't have the sense to come in out of the rain. It's a weird life, I tell you.

Are we enjoying the swap stories? HELL, YES. Let me pimp my favorite, just for now:

What Not To Expect, by beth666ann

Absolute spot-on characterization, wonderful characterization, and the dynamic between JC and Justin, I kind of hope it's really something like this. It was so nice to see a vision of Wade and Britney that bypassed the obligatory condemnation, too. Kinda wished Bobbie'd had her say, too, but eh. Too much symmetry is boring.

A fabulous story. This is what I was hoping for from this challenge.

...back to reading. Also, I have to go eat a liver or something.
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