silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Found out I'll be going to Mississippi somewhere, when they get their shit together. Right now it's mainly supplies being funneled in and folks with first responder-type experience. I'll go for two weeks, and maybe even get paid for it, which hey. If they must, they must. Also, we're required by law to enter the area, described in the email I got as "the restricted zone," with a police escort. Required by law! Restricted zone! Police escort! The whole thing is so... I don't know what. I have no combat training, I hope they realize.

Also, I'll have 48-72 hours to get myself to Tallahassee, after I get the call. I suppose the GREs can be rescheduled, if necessary (thank you, god!), and I'll just bring along the algebra to study when I go. Ha ha ha.

This is so exciting, I think I may throw up. The general consensus around work is that the US should be about due for a terrorist attack any minute now. CHEERY.

In other news, I have a hot idea for a bit of trickC porn. Mmmm. Ain't wanking grand?
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