silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ah. Shockingly, volunteer coordination services between the Florida Dept of Health, Florida Hospital, and the feds is a wee bit disorganized right now. According to the email I received yesterday, "Please remain ready to deploy at any given time over the next several months." Aiieecheeba! Well, okay. I mean, you know, what the heck. It's just funny, because I signed up, what, Thursday night? And was fully ready to receive a phone call within the next three hours or so. Then after a couple of days I calmed down. My friend at work who signed up Saturday night zoomed around all day yesterday talking a mile a minute about it: Mary, what if they call us to deploy this afternoon? Will they let us go home early to get ready? By the end of the shift she had calmed down, too, to the point of talking herself out of going at all. A shame. But, you know, her son's birthday is in October. 0_o

I'll go, I have no doubt. Sometime.

In the meantime I have a nice big list of stuff to get. Dude, are they letting us bring pack donkeys? Because I ain't porting 47 items including air mattress, sleeping bag, two pairs of boots, etc. etc. NOWHERE. And a gallon of water, do you know how much that weighs?? Jeez louise. I swear, all's I'm bringing is my shuffle and an extra pair of undies. Otherwise it gets way too complicated for a lazy thing like me.

Off to study algebra. I'm not watching tv today. I need a mental health break.
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