silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear "anthony" on myspace:

Saying "laughter is contagious" to a nurse is maybe not your best icebreaker.

ha! maybe it is

Good luck to you, my friend,

Not ten minutes after I emailed my boss yesterday for a letter of rec for grad school, she called me in to "help out for a few hours." SHAZZBAT. She had me, and she knew it. So I went in, and the charge said "What are you doing here?" and I wandered around and flushed a port and gave a po med, and then my boss said "I guess I didn't need you after all. Huh," but she gave me four hours of time and a half anyway, and sent me home after two. Also, I got a nice letter. HA. Thought she was so smrt. :)

Still no word on the trip to Mississippi. I hope they don't call me, like, after school starts in January. Ahahahahaha!!

Still making my way through the JuC Swap stories. Life is good. I swear, though, no more challenges until TrickC Day, all the way off in... October? DAMN. Better get started, I guess.
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