silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Afd;kjk;ad!!! The feds recently emailed me and said Hey, all you 3,300 Floridians who signed up as medical volunteers, Mississippi is ALL BETTER NOW. Thxbi. Except, oh yeah, Gov. Blanco doesn't want you just showing up in nola either, as he really has nowhere to put you. How about we just call you instead? If there's ever an emergency again? Cool. Rock on.

I may have reworded that a little.

Still haven't studied algebra; still haven't written the "personal statement." Apparently my poor study habits extend even to filling out the Grad School application. This does not bode well. And really, writing assignments that don't involve gay porn? Not too enticing. What was I thinking? Grad School, worst idea ever. It will seriously encroach on my time on the internets, I just know it.

Ah, speaking of work/study habits, do most of y'all write every day? Just curious. I don't. I can't even lie.

More coffee now. I got up early to go to a chemo review class, not as early as usual, but somehow when it's your day off it's different. Also, I dragged my futon out into the living room to sleep last night so I could open the patio door (Why does the AC go out everywhere I live? Is god mocking me because I said I wanted to be someplace warm? Is "someplace" one word or two? These are the questions I ponder while I'm doing algebra) and ended up having the strangest dreams, probably because the frogs never shut up croaking the whole night long.

Noisy frogs, life could be a lot worse.

Also, hits, schmits. Where's Just Got Paid? Although, yes, I'll buy the Greatest Hits dealie, just to prove a point. Or something.
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