silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In which I am in a good mood, although you maybe can't tell by this entry. Huh.

Things I thought about this weekend:

1. Instant Miso does not constitute enough food for 13 hrs of hard work, but it is infinitely preferable to the Florida Hospital Meatball Special. FH is a Seventh Adventist facility. They don't believe in meat. Therefore all of their meat dishes are filled with angst and bitterness, and also are really overcooked.

2., that was pretty much it. I did learn some medical stuff, such as what a 1:1 coag mixing study is, and some professional stuff, such as the sad fact that some Drs will cover up their tardiness in treatment by blaming the nurse, but actually I already knew that. Thus when Dr Z said said, "This is inexcusable! The nurse yesterday told me everything was in place for today!" I was able to say, "I was the nurse yesterday, and I told you it was in place for yesterday," with no evident outrage or sarcasm at all, so that his only possible response was "Oh." That was rather satisfying, especially when his rounding nurse and the other oncologist said, "HEE. You go, girl," after he was gone. It seems Dr Z has a bit of a rep. But yeah, pretty much I thought about food all weekend.

No, I also thought about JC and his short little hair, which I don't much like, but that's relative, of course. He's still hotter than anyone in the world. Also, I am very amused by the little ball of crumpled aluminun foil he has taken to wearing as a necklace lately. This is why he's an artist, y'all. I can honestly say it has never once occurred to me to use aluminun foil as anything other than a liner for my oven, or maybe my windows and doors. Maybe a little hat once in a while, but again, that's just being practical.

Oh! I also thought about AUs, since I still can't get over the fact that I wrote one. Like, deliberately, I mean, and not just accidently. Hee! I think it was cathexys who talked about the utter romantic idealism of writing an OTP throughout the universes, like I WILL FIND YOU, and I wondered if it's really just the opposite, an essentially pessimistic impulse: we find some universe where our beloved characters can be together, since it ain't this one. Then I realized I'd effectively backed my canon-writing into a corner, and abandoned the whole thing.

(Ha! I just described the demise of my Master's in English, during which I would have realizations like that regularly, usually 20 pp into an essay due TOMORROW.)

Anyway, yeah. Food. Also some musings on the meanings of life and death, and on the nature of depression and sanity, but those are TMI rants for another day. Right now I'm kind of hungry.
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