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I would like to applaud heartily anybody writing drabbles, especially trickC drabbles, especially voyeuristic trickC drabbles, like this. AiieeecheeWOWA.

PlscontinueTHX *salutes*

Today I'm going to study algebra, because GRE (2) is on Wed. (Shut up. I CAN HEAR YOU OUT THERE.) Suddenly, of course, cleaning my bathroom has become imperative, and it's a gorgeous day out there, too, I just noticed, and I haven't seen Serenity yet, OMG!! Also, Biker Build-Off is on, and I never miss an ep. Never. And I'm hungry.

y = mx + b

That's all I need, anyway.

Sorry, Donna.

"We need our own bus," Gina says, throwing open the fridge. "How long is he staying this time?"

Molly looks up from her magazine. "Oh, you're just being dramatic."

"Whatever," Gina says. Carlos snickers as Molly flips back her hair. Gina glares at him.

A thump comes from the back of the bus, and another, and JC's voice, loud as always, says something urgent they can't understand. Chris answers with a low, rough laugh, and the thumping settles into a solid funky rhythm. Alexis's eyes grow wide.

"Anyone for pizza rolls?" Gina says brightly, and Molly flips over a page.
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