silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oopsie, I think I just got myself into trouble.

I put a note into the charge nurse's box the other day requesting to be cancelled today if we were over. GRE tomorrow, ai. Got to work this morning to discover she had not received the note, and I was being floated to Ortho. !!! No offense to pierson, but Ortho's about the last place I want to be. So I told the Staffing Super, and I quote, "No." She said, "Huh?" and I said, "Um, no," and now I'm being written up.

I'm just plain wrong about this. Wrong! I know it! And yet.

It is very troubling to me, this sneaky, stubborn "and yet." Now 7so has no nurse, and everything's in an uproar, and I have to face in myself that I've flouted the rules I agreed to abide by, no matter how retarded. And yet here I sit, drinking coffee and noodling about on lj, and I think what disturbs me most, contrarily, is that I don't care more. Ha!

Oddly, both charge nurses got a kick out of making up lies to vindicate me in the eyes of our boss ("She has a temp!" "I know, and she looks AWFUL." "Thanks, guys."), and the education nurse told me it was okay to choose myself sometimes, but I think she mainly said that because she's swamped with work not her own because she has no ability to say no. They all told me not to worry, because our boss, "she knows you," and that was nice, but also strangely not, because I can't help thinking well, now she does. But anyway.

Apropos of the other part of my life that makes no sense, I watched Making the Tour yesterday, and OMG ADORABLE, such lovable dorks, except that JC, he's just really weird. You know? Weird. Also, he needs a sandwich. Chris would absolutely DIE if he didn't get attention, I think, absolutely wilt like a plant without water, and Justin has a whole 'nother life going on behind that wide smile. Lance has this wonderful quiet confidence that I love, and he's just a big ol' ball of cheese, and Joey, as always he's the most charismatic one of all to me, just so well able in his casual way to put people at their ease and have fun. But I also think he could have a mean streak, but I have no reason to say that, other than wishful thinking.

Welp, off to study. Might as well, I've paid enough for this test. *opens up Word to start a trickC drabble*

Oh, yeah, P.S.: a drabble is 100 words. It's the fact that it's exactly 100 that makes it a defined form. Bigger, and it's a ficlet. Smaller, and it's... I don't know, an lj entry? Except if you're me. The thing is, packing everything into that exact space, that's the challenge, and that's why some of us are rabid Nazis about terminology. My apologies.
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