silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Exam today, then I can stop whining about it. Excellent.

I think I figured out the sudden weird fit of attitude yesterday, which was alarming because I thought I'd mostly grown out of that kind of futile, fuck it all gesture. For dinner last night all I wanted was blackberry cobbler and walnut ice cream. Then I woke up twenty times in the night, and this morning for breakfast I ate eggs and avocado, which is actually quite disgusting, all silky smooth white and yellow and green, like vintage snot. Ew.

So pms, clearly, and I'm hoping the flash of hormones will flush itself out by tomorrow, when I have to go back to work and will no doubt be floated to, like, housekeeping to pay for my sins. 'Sall right. Allll right. I'm just wondering if today's the right day to see Serenity. From what I hear, I'd be crying like a little baby all through it on the strongest, hardest day, much less today, when the sight of a white bird on the lake made my throat close up just now.

In algebra-related news: I changed the fonts on my website to be less eyeball-melting. Ahahahaha! Yes.

After today, I'm never counting another thing again. Except five, I will count five. *smiles at halowrites*

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