silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In a striking turn of events, I've been asked to become an official Lackey Tool Retention Ambassador for our unit, someone who mediates management and employee dealings so that hospital RN turnover improves. WOW. That's kind of like having Chris Kirkpatrick guard the candy, isn't it? Well, it is if you turn the metaphor over and run it backwards. Maybe I just like comparing myself to him. Hmmm. *shifts uncomfortably*

Hey! Speaking of whom, I'm really into the idea of having dinner with him and Joey on the 15th at the House of Blues, Orlando. Anyone want to kick in five or six thousand dollars for a good cause? I mean, how hilarious would it be for me to snub him AGAIN and sit through dinner completely silent and paralyzed, except for the heavy drinking? Oh, my god, I've GOT to do this. When does the bidding end?

But enough frippery. My internets were down all day (don't worry, I'm okay), so I spent my free time watching all the millions of Nsync clips I have clogging up my C: drive. I burned off ten discs of stuff, so that I can actually defrag the volume for once, and in the process I refound this beautiful piece, which I'd like to dedicate rather randomly to JC, the sweetest slut-dog whore I know, and his lovahs, with whom he cheats on all the girls.

Three. Man. Bus.

Okay, off to shower! I should get up for the day. It's almost 5.
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