silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Fruitful kind of a day. I joined the Oncology Nursing Society and also signed up for the national certification exam, which will be fantastically difficult to pass but is, in some employment circles, the equivalent of a Master's in oncology nursing. That and my actual Master's should leave me pretty well set. Because, as you know, OMG I HATE THIS JOB SO MUCH.


Anyway, I have to know everything about oncology nursing, when truthfully I only know gyn cancers and leukemia and bone marrow transplant, so aieerggh. And when I say "oncology," I mean legislation and community resources and obscure symptoms and specialty treatments... and it's the sort of thing where you learn the info for the test even though the info bears no relation WHATSOEVER to what happens in RL. I've already gotten into one shouting match with the practice exam, because one simply does NOT place a suprapubic catheter just because the nerves in the bladder might be irritated status post total hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy... which I think I spelled wrong, because we call it a TAH w/ lymph. Oh, man. I am sunk.

But what else would I have to complain about for the next two months? It's not like I signed up to write 100 stories and am happily biting my nails in anticipation of my third sesa.

Annnnnyway, *hugs* to pierson, whose job is much worse than mine. Also, contrite and yet vaguely resentful *hugs* to the float nurse I made cry yesterday, because I had the unutterable gall to ask her to do something. I'm such a bitch. And by "bitch," I mean I got a stern talking to by the charge nurse, who was, YES, also in charge that day I got my hissy on and decided not to work, you may recall. Ahahahaha. No, you know what? Instant karma is the real bitch here. I'm just a tool of fate.

(Shush. Actually, I am sorry. We all roll our eyes when this particular nurse shows up, but so far I'm the only one who's tested the theory that berating her publically might improve her performance. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go with "not so much" on that one, in retrospect. Also, that makes two times I've lost my temper in the last two weeks, for lousy reasons, and that is downright... something. Hmm. Something not shiny.)

Okay, then. I will try to sparkle more next time.
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