silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

What a good day!

First, of course:

Oh, Chris. I just know you pestered those nice ice rink folks out of their minds until they gave up and let you at the Zamboni. I just wish I'd been there when you tried to take it outside to the parking lot.

Happy birthday, you crazy bastard. You never fail to inspire me.

Second, I survived the three days in a row! And did a pretty good job, too, I have to admit. A bit hairy yesterday when my one lady decided to have severe chest pains at the same time as my other lady was having her lung tapped, but everything turned out well. A little indigestion on the one hand, and 900 mls out and easier breathing on the other... a good day. In the lingo of my unit, a not at all less than fabulous day.

Third, I have to laugh. A family member brought in something for one of our nurses yesterday, a lovely gift bag with fluffy sparkly stuff coming out the top and little soaps and cookies and things inside. Not that I peeked. Sweet! I also received a gift from a patient yesterday. After one of our conversations, he apparently called his wife up, and when she and mom and the kids visited last night, they solemnly presented me with two cans of beans.

Ahahahaha! Best. Gift. Ever. They are Grandma Brown's Beans! They are only available in New York! Apparently, one can make a sandwich with white bread, a glop of Grandma Brown's beans, and mayonnaise. My patient used to take those sandwiches with him when he went fishing. Dude! I am so there. Except mom told me, "Make sure you drink some pineapple juice, too, so you don't spend the rest of the day farting."

Words of wisdom, Lloyd, my man. Words of wisdom. Bean sandwiches and pineapple juice, here I come.

Fourth, in honor of the wonderfulness of this day, I offer these really not at all less than fabulous links, just for fun:

The Amazing Adventures of Darth Vader in the Holy Land, gakked from wtf_inc.

Who Shall Bring Us Light, a freaking awesome Star Trek: TOS parody.

Josh Friedman's blog. Snakes on a plane, man. Snakes on a plane., that's all I got. Okay! Have a great day, y'all.
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