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Have done some paperwork for school, and studied for the oncology nursing cert. Have tried to write for the fanfic100 thingie, but this was the Chris snippet that came out:

Justin knows that look. He loves it. He can tell when JC's racing ahead in his mind, imagining their kiss, the touch of their lips, tongue-slide and the way Justin can't help but gasp a little into JC's mouth at first taste, every time.

Hmm. Not so much, I guess. Will try again later.

Have read leadensky's so very done argument for why rps is evil, and rather naively in my old age I am disappointed, because she's one of my favorite authors. I know, I know. But anyway, why is rps evil? BECAUSE IT'S EVIL. AND SURELY THE FORCEFUL DISAPPROVING TONE OF MY POST IS ARGUMENT ENOUGH. ALSO, SOMETHING ABOUT CHEMISTRY AND POETRY AND FASCISM AND PULLING THE WINGS OFF FLIES.

Allll righty. Noted. NEXT.

Have considered JC's desire to date Teri Hatcher, and I approve. It's time he got back into the dating game, and finding a plausible beard is always a good first step.

Omg, wait! Statements like the one above are RUDE and just plain NOT TRUE. Also, MANIPULATIVE. I get it now! Popslash is evil.

Well, I will admit to not funny, anyhow. I'm sorry, JC.

In other news, I got the Traveling Wilburys question on the Rock Quiz right, but only because I knew Neil Young and Paul McCartney weren't with them. Does that make me a poseur?

Here is my Roadtrip Song, for halowrites:

Little Lilly, by Widespread Panic

I love this song. Only time I've ever called into a radio station to find out a title. It's trippy and swirly and catchy and the Beatles are in there, only not, and I always get the words wrong, too, when I'm cruising down the road singing at the top of my lungs. Like a blue girl, like a blue girl. It's only real if you believe.

I suck at answering comments, btw. Just thought I'd toss that out there. But you already know.
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