silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Big wave of homesickness today, brought on by looking at these pictures. Oh, man, the cottonwoods are turning yellow and orange and silver right about now, and I think I missed the chile roasting for this year, that wonderful bitter green smell... Florida is gorgeous and I love it, MWAH, but I sure do think about New Mexico a lot, still.

Why yes, I did apply for a couple of jobs in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, how smart you are for guessing!

Just a little mental health exercise, really, like listing what you'd buy if you won the lottery, or making travel plans to Thailand when you have no real ability to get there. But I tell ya, if the relocation bonus is good enough, hmmm. It would have to be pretty damn good, though. My $$$ are all fucked up right now.

Speaking of bonuses, Fl Hosp nurses are all up in arms these days. It seems that Fl Hosp is offering $20,000 to nurses not already in Orlando to come aboard and work FT. So folks from, like, Tampa are driving over to work three days a week, and what do those of us who work here get? Departmental emails threatening us with immediate dismissal if we clock in one minute early. Thank you, Fl Hosp! No wonder you have to sponsor a special seminar just for RN retention. You don't have a frickin' clue.

Today I am staring at a Word doc for trickC day, and later I will dye my hair. Get me off this crazy thing!
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