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Morning! I survived the last two days at work, I think. But I had to get snippy with a cardiologist in order to do it, and why is it the cardiologists are always so positive they're god? They can't all be god. This guy was nowhere close to being god, actually, but I won't go into it, except to say that if you're going to accuse someone of not doing their job, 1) You should be right, and 2) You shouldn't do it in front of other nurses who will titter behind their hands, especially when you're so very embarrassingly wrong.

It was kind of funny, actually. Okay, it wasn't at the time. I was livid. But he told me "As an oncology nurse you should know that thrombocytopenic patients are at high risk for infection." I said, "His platelet count is 130,000, better than mine, and perhaps you could tell me what his platelets have to do with his risk for infection?" He glared at me and said, "And his white count is very low. And CLEARLY he has pneumonia."

At this point the other nurse practically had her head down on the table, because we had *just* discussed the fact that this patient's counts were entirely normal. I told the cardiologist, "His white count is 6.3, and his xray showed only a small infiltrate on the right, significantly improved from the last study four days ago. You ordered that study four days ago. Did he not have pneumonia then?" I think I came close to death at that moment, because the look he gave me, oh.

But my poor patient, now he has to undergo an infectious disease consult because of the "pneumonia," and rather than going home yesterday as the oncologist wanted him to, he's staying in for a few more days because his cardiologist got his feelings hurt. It's a shame, I tell you, and I also feel sorry for the infectious disease doctor, who now has to come in and treat a guy who's essentially fine. I can just picture the conversation today:

ID: this guy is fine
RN: yup
ID: he has a mild improving infiltrate that they've known about for four days. he is asymptomatic except for his heart rate, which is caused by his chemo
RN: yup
ID: I'm going to smack that cardiologist
RN: me first
Onc: no, me

As a side note, let me just add that it costs thousands more to stay on our unit than on a regular medical oncology floor. Good work, God!

Woops! Guess I will go into it.

Wrt JC/notJC:

What is the evidence that the little song snippet was not done by JC? So far all I've seen is that someone on the JJB said "HA, pwned," and someone else saw a title on this Marco kid's record that was somewhat similar to the file label on the snippet. Has anyone heard this dude's song? Is it the same song? Because man, that sure sounded like JC to me.

Wrt TrickC Day:

I'm trying to write something. asdlklk;asf

Wrt my dream job:

Playing the Hammond B-3 organ in a hotel lounge. Dude! All that red velvet? I'm serious. Also, the Hammond B-3 is the coolest instrument on the face of the planet, because it is the true essence of dork. It is so cool, it almost approaches accordian levels, almost.

I've thought about this a lot.

Wrt Halloween:

Here is a freaky old file that those crazy kids on wtf_inc posted. Rubber Johnny

Most Haunted has this hilarious special going on right now on the Travel Channel, multiple nights of live ghost hunting intercut with a studio audience and web cam setups that folks in the UK are invited to call in about, if they see any ghosts. Ha! I watched last night until I couldn't stand it anymore, but my favorite call so far is Doreen from Cheltenham, who wanted to report that the room in one web cam shot was "pulsating." Oh, Doreen. I so know what you mean. Rock on, sistah.

Ghost Hunters has a Halloween special on the night of the 31st, which I will have to tape. I love that crazy team of RotoRooters. Every time I watch that show I freak out, and my head is filled will Grant/Jason slash, because those guys, they are hot together, especially when they're terrified. When footsteps follow them down empty halls, and lights streak on by, and doors close on them unassisted, Jason's face gets even more stony, and Grant is filled with glee. I love that.

Buuuuut anyway. :)
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