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what is this feeling called love

For those of you mourning the loss of sweet goofy JC in the presence of this (not entirely new) sex god JC, I offer this classic what-the-fuck moment:

Wade's brief moment of huh? after JC told him not to interfere with the help. Classic. JC, honey, it's his sister. Interfering with the help implies... oh, nevermind. I will always treasure Wade's look of did-I-miss-something-is-this-a-joke-with-more-levels-than-it-seems-how-can-I-turn-this-around-HELP.

He's not gone, our sweet baby C. That nasty hot slinky boy? Is still a lovable retard. I smile. And squirm a bit, because GUH.

That just makes me want him more.

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