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Hee! Chris posted this bulletin:

one time i hired a monkey to keep notes for me in class.
when the teacher read my paper outloud it said "hello, my name is bingo,i like to climb on things,can i have a banana? eek eek" i got an F

I'd love to know what prompted that.

Man, it's been a painfully adultlike day. I had to delete a perfectly hilarious rant about the difference between funny and self-aggrandizing and snippy, because when I asked myself, self? Is that funny? My self hooted and said Suuuuuuuuuuuure, Mary. Sure. It's always good to embody what you believe. Dammit! That sucks when that happens, every time. It was funny! And clever! But yeah, public ridicule, I must regretfully attempt to remember that there is always someone on the receiving end.

Ask me what happens after the end of any of my stories, and I'll see if I can figure it out.
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I'd love to know what happens when Justin wakes up in Milagro.

Ohhhh. Oh, Justin. He slept for a long time, but not, like, a week, like Chris had feared. Chris was hungry and his entire body had gone numb about halfway through the night, but none of that mattered, watching Justin drool on his shirt peacefully. Still, when Justin took in a sudden breath and opened one eye, exhaled and closed it, and then lifted his head, Chris was ready to get up.

"Coffee," he said. Justin smiled and put his head back down, but he must have put it in the damp spot, because he grimaced and jerked up again quickly.

"What day is it," he muttered.

"It's July 17, 2064. You've been asleep for forty-two years, and if I don't take a piss right now, this relationship is getting kinky fast."

"Mmm," Justin said. "Relationship?"

"Uh," Chris said, taken aback, suddenly wishing the night had gone on a little longer. Justin yawned into his face, and he didn't seem upset, but then it was always hard to tell.

"It's not Christmas anymore."

"No," Chris said, and closed his eyes. Justin rolled off him then and hummed, a satisfied little sound, and Chris had to open his eyes, couldn't stop himself. Justin was stretching, pushing his hands into the air, bending his spine, smiling.

"Get up, slug," he said. "We have to get these decorations down."

"Justin--" Something had happened to his voice. He stopped, and Justin focused on him and tilted his head and came down out of his stretch.

"I'm sorry, Chris."

Chris turned his head away. "No, yeah, it's cool," he said, his throat full of ground glass. "Yeah, so I'll just."

"Chris. Goddammit, Chris, I am not going to be one of those trailer-trash couples that leaves the lights up until summer. You can have your coffee later, at Denny's. Jesus."

Justin had his arms crossed, and impatient, warm look on his face. Chris was an idiot, again, the gift that kept on giving. He grinned and batted his eyelashes, and Justin rolled his eyes.

"Okay?" Justin said.

"No fucking way," Chris said. "You may be some kind of a freak, I'm willing to live with that, but if I don't have caffeine like every eight hours things get ugly. We can rip this shit down later."

Justin frowned. "I gotcher freak. How about you get your ass in the shower, and we drink coffee and undecorate later?"

"And you'll be..."

"In the shower too! Oh, my god! Could you be any more annoying? Whatever. Whatever! So difficult, all the time! I can't even, I'm not going to--"

Justin had thrown his arms up, and stomped away. He was still bitching, moving through the house, heading for the bathroom, Chris could tell. Chris peeled himself off the couch and headed after him, trailing his fingers along a strand of red sparkly stuff as he went. They would have to rent a storage space for all the crap, he thought, for next year.

That was so much more than I expected and yes, just yes. I can see it all.

"In the shower too! Oh, my god! Could you be any more annoying? Whatever. Whatever! So difficult, all the time! I can't even, I'm not going to--"

So much love!

Thank you!

No, really. I have to thank you. I was a little weepy writing this, and it was so nice to revisit them, because I guess they do still hang out somewhere inside me.

Great icon. :)