silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

My special sesa icon returns, Yay!

Sesa! Sesa! Omg!

Yeah, no doubt all relevant parties have seen this already, but I just want to heap a little more pressure upon certain people, and say Join us, Danny.

You know you want to. Secretly, deep in your soul, you've thought about it. Am I right? Am I right? It's okay. Just this once, it'll be okay.

withdiamonds is coming today! Yippeee! We will hit Epcot like a hurricane (ha ha ha) and eat and drink and shop and drink and shop, all the way around the world, and I will make Donna come up with a sesa plot for me and I will store it away carefully until a week before the stories are due. And we will talk and watch footage and squee, but we will not gossip at all, because we are not like that. Sorry.

I'm requesting a GSF clown au this year, BSB only. And y'all? I hear JC signed up, too. He's requesting JC/JC fashion week angst. Should be lovely.

Sesa! Numfar, do the Dance of Joy!
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