silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Aww, Donna left. That is just not right. She is so much fun! By way of explanation, let me just say that it is, in fact, possible to become an expert in sake in three short days. My favorite kind, I discovered, is liquid and comes in a bottle. Mmm. Sayonara, mu-n!

Epcot, epcot, epcot, epcot, mgm, animal kingdom, magic kingdom, and then epcot, I think in that order, and lots of footage and Schizophrenic to fill in the gaps. We finally agreed after MUCH conversation to commit ourselves to being stalkery fangirls, which we celebrated by not going to JB's to find Chris last night, although I'm not sure how that one worked. I suspect it was sake logic. But next challenge we are totally going to turn into Elevator People and never leave the hotel lobby at all, except to go to the game, because that's where the fun is at, y'all. Also, we are still bitter over how we went shopping in Chicago and missed Chris's exit, with the picture taking and the hugging, but not of us. It was tragical, although I do love the clogs I got that day, bittersweet.

Okay! I have to go back to studying oncology nursing now, which uses a radically different portion of my brain, or, as some might argue, a portion of my brain. But I'd rather be hanging with Donna, or possibly even working on my sesa story, because I Am Ready. Bring It. I Am Not Scared.

Speaking of which, there are still some folks out there who need to sign up. Just saying.

Congrats to nsync_10, for making their goal!!! You know I'm going to be picking up that December copy of Billboard. Most excellent! What an awesome fandom. Y'all rock.

[imagine a little row of hearts, right here]
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