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I had the weirdest day yesterday. Everybody I saw smiled like they'd just been waiting for me, all pleased like that. Or maybe I was smiling at them, strange but not impossible. It was fun. Also, my nursing manager wrote me a little card of general love and kisses, which made me snort, but it occurred to me that of all the nurses on the day schedule, I have the most seniority. That is just not right. I imagine she's afraid I'll run away too, and that is so like her. I told her about school months ago, and asked her for a recommendation, but watch. She'll be shocked, SHOCKED, if I ask to go per diem and drop my hours. And I will laugh HA HA, and insist upon it, and she will, she'll...

Why are my mental scenarios always so negative? Jeez. If I'm going to do that quasi-schizophrenic rehearsing thing, I might as well be positive and upbeat. Every day will be fun like yesterday. Well, not exactly like yesterday. Different things will happen. I don't want to be stuck in Ground Hog Day, or Monday, or Quotidian. But good, yeah, only different. Because different, it doesn't have to be bad, it can...

Wow, I suck at the positive affirmation thing. Yay!!

Guess what stories these lines are from, and what character says them, and I will give you a magnetic cookie. And squee with you, yes! Because I love all the stories in this fandom, and even when SGA and HP and whatever else are just not doing it for me, popslash is never boring. Weird.

Oh, man, these are so easy. withdiamonds, you don't get to play, because I know you know them all.

1. "Stay, then."

2. "Thass later. Later."

3. "I judge by dick." [guessed by amesville] Onanism, by synchronik

4. "Dude. No one wants to hear Copacabana again. No one wanted to hear it the *first* time around. Take my word on this."

5. "All day, yeah. C'mon."

6. "Get him Chasez with a side of JC." [guessed by amesville] Justin, in Mother Hen, by synchronik

7. "What were you dreaming about?"

8. "You're a symbolic vegetarian?"

Eight is a nice round number, don't you think? I left out soooo many good ones, but I have to get going on sesa today, I think, so I'll stop there.

I may have a sesa idea. Hmm. The trick, I think, is to start writing furiously before it occurs to my brain that the idea is shite. Yes.
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