silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, Jeez. So the quiz was too hard, so what. Pfft.

I got your context:

1. "Get up," Chris said, but his voice cracked, and JC's eyes slid closed.

"Get up," Chris said again, but his voice was closer, less angry, and JC felt the soft glide of a tongue against his ear, fingers resting in his hair. He let the warm darkness of sleep wash over him, thought he heard a soft "stay, then." Chris's hand was resting against his shoulder as he slid away. A loose hold, but JC still felt it and smiled.

2. "Not particularly. I want you to tell me where you are, cause man, you can't just drop off the map like this."

"I'm right here," Lance said, and Chris heard someone giggling in the background. "Thass not the point."

"That is so the point, you know we're booked a couple of places together in a while? And Johnny keeps asking me where you are like I buried you in my backyard to get more solo exposure, if I'm taken in as a murder suspect it's totally gonna be your fault."

"Thass later," Lance said. "Laaaaater. I'll be there."

"Well, you'd better be."

"I'll be there, and you know what, Chris?"


"You know what? You want me to tell you what?"


"You know what, if you and C don't have your act together by then, I'll kick your ass all the way down to. Uh. That place with the whales."

4. "Hey," JC slurred. "Wanna sing with me?" Oh, no. Not more singing, at least of songs JC chose. He might be in a boy band, but he had his reputation and self-worth to consider. JC's breath was warm and strong with beer, and Chris thought he could probably get drunk off the fumes alone. The nylon shell of his coat made a whooshing sound against Chris' own jacket that set Chris' teeth on edge. But he swallowed his annoyance because sarcasm slid off a drunk JC like...well, something slick. Teflon, maybe. Pointless to waste the energy.

Chris rolled his eyes. "Dude. No one wants to hear Copacabana again. No one wanted to hear it the *first* time around. Take my word on this."

5. JC smiled, feeling joy simmer beneath the building arousal. He’d missed this, he realized. Missed him. "Are we in a hurry?" he murmured, angling his hips to spread Justin’s legs wider and flexing his hips, feeling Justin tremble. "We have all day."

"All day, yeah. C’mon," Justin said disjointedly. His arms were like steel, banding low around JC’s hips as they squirmed and rocked deliciously together. JC’s eyes dropped closed and he arched his neck, feeling heat surge heavily through his groin, his balls tightening. "Fuck, the stuff," Justin said desperately, and he released JC, pushing him up with one hand as his other hand scrabbled for the tube.

Bonus quote! No context! Mwahaha!

"Damn it, Bass! Turn me gay! Do it now!"

Sorry! But it's either this, write, or wank. There you have it.
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