silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, last one tonight. I promise. Then I'll go back to the weekly 300 kb uncut posts in which I whine about my job. Okay?

4. Triangle: Angle One

Somehow, Chris had imagined that JC would wear something sexy, or maybe have scented candles or soft romantic music, because he was apparently in his heart a girl, and not-so-secretly loved all that sappy stuff in books and movies. Chris had always found that a bit odd, because JC was also fiercely competitive in sports, and would scream and whoop and play aggressively if he or his teams were playing. But no candles, no romance-y stuff here, just JC and his feline expression. The room had the vague smell of his oceany soap, and the only sound Chris could hear was the clicking of the air vents, and the quick, excited beating of his own heart. JC wore his old ratty blue robe, the one with the frayed cuffs and collar, and the safety pin holding together his pocket. Not sexy at all.

Until he smiled and held out his hand, his expression sweet and warm. Chris' heart gave an extra little flutter, and something inside him went all soft and melty, like chocolate left in a sunny windowsill. It felt strange, but he liked it, and weirdly enough, it took him a moment to even realize that his dick had taken a decided interest, growing hard and thick between his legs.

Oh, now you're embarrassed. Now your little faces are turning red. WOW.

You may all make amends by emailing pierson with demands for her next trickC. Yay!
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