silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, yes. Four and a half hours later and three frustrated technicians trading off to jump into my car and take it around the block, and nothing's wrong. Diagnosis: fine. I said, "Okay, cool! Sorry," and headed off home... and the surging started up again, about a block later. Ahahaha! Dammit. So I had a little snit, pounded the steering wheel and said, "You cut that out right now! I'm tired and hungry and I have to pee," and it stopped immediately. Never happened again, the whole way home.


In other news, my brother has a sweet job driving a forklift, which he says is fun because all the forklift guys like to play chicken, and my mom got $135 worth of her asthma meds from India for $10, but the shipping was $40. Ha! Also, they sewed her package up in a tight bundle of fabric using a neat little whipstitch, which impressed her very much. Lordy, I miss my family. I didn't ask how cold it was in Wisconsin, though. Brrr.

Sesa... yeah. Uh-huh. What?
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