silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Good morning. Today I am starting my sesa. First I have to get a haircut and attend an inservice at work, but then totally, sesa. And I have to shop for Thanksgiving and put gas in my car, but other than that, no problem. And I should study for national cert. and do some laundry and clean my house for once, because the next three days, I'm working. So sesa, I MUST START IT. In fact, reviewing my battered little schedule book here, I really should finish today, too, just to be sure. No problem.

Link me to your webpage, and I'll tell you which of your stories is my favorite today (and which others I have loved) and why. If you're really curious, and specifically ask me to, I'll tell you which story I'm not all that fond of, because you know that I love you, baby, and I'm always thinking of you.
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