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I can't imagine catching up at this point, so I'll cut straight to the important stuff. I have ringworm.

Say it with me: EWWW.

Okay, yes, it's a fungus, but there's just something in me that reverts instantly to eleven years old when I hear that word, hanging out in someone's garage in between bouts of kick the can and light as a feather, talking shit and telling each other "yuh momma." "That kid in Miss McCrary's class has ringworm," someone says in an awed voice, and someone else describes how it's actually a worm in there, all coiled up under the skin, and we all agree that you can't scratch them, the little scaly bumps, because then the worm comes out. EWWW. We all hug ourselves with gleeful horror, and then someone suggests crawdad hunting down by the creek, and we all go, even my sister, who doesn't like to get dirty. Powerful stuff, those memories. Jane still doesn't like to wade in the creek, pfft, and I still wonder about the little worm.

Found out about the tinea because the School of Nursing wanted a complete physical, and being a healthcare worker I'm a terrible patient, and hadn't had one in two years. So that was my yesterday, the sudden unexpected visit to the doctor, and let me tell you, no one should have a pelvic exam without plenty of time to prepare for it mentally. But now I'm ready to rock, aside from the bloodwork tomorrow, which has to be fasting. HA. How can they expect me to drive to the lab before I've had coffee? That's crazy thinking. Then after that I get the fingerprints, and the class schedule advising, and then I get a big giant reward, because I am fabulous for getting all this stuff done when I hate it.

Other than that, hmm. Sesa, yes. Let's leave it at that. SGA, all right, many thoughts today about how fanon (and perhaps canon, although I admit I haven't been keeping up) feels like it's closing itself down to weird city/ teams going to weird planets to find zpms/ weird cultures/ desperate sex/ etc. which I don't mind at all, but being in one fandom that some feel is written out, it's just interesting to get a sense of how that fandom might end up. Also, it's a fandom based on yearning, which is lovely, but all that questing, all those away teams, I keep craving a better sense of its heart, its center, what is grounding McKay and Zelenka and Sheppard and everybody in Atlantis. Maybe that's why I liked Prufrock's sewing circle story so much, a story about them as a team beyond the away team thing, and the stories where they all explore Atlantis, and don't just leave all the time. Don't know.

Um, oh! I do have sesa things to say, tangentially. Here is a tremendous interview someone linked in pop_reference, from 2002, in which Justin is not a sweetie. So interesting, this vision of Justin, so similar to the Britney who felt more comfortable talking about her feelings when a camera was there:

"It's so funny because, the family... whenever we gather round at Christmas or at Thanksgiving, it's like, "Get your guitar out and sing something." And I'm like, "I don't really feel like it, because there's, like, only about 10 people."'

Sometimes I just want to give him a hug, but I admit it's partly because I know it would make him stiffen up uncomfortably. Hee!
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