silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

This morning BEFORE COFFEE I:

+exchanged the torture device I've been sitting on for a desk chair, one of those knee ones, you know.

+got my tb test checked. Negative, yay. Tb and ringworm, too much fun all at once.

+had blood drawn.

+got fingerprinted at the downtown copshop, which is always weird because the minute I enter those places I feel GUILTY, YOUR HONOR.

+mailed off all my School of Nursing jazz like a good little monkey.

Then, at long last, STARBUCKS. I made a noise when I took my first sip. How embarrassing. Strangers should only hear that sound when all of you are drunk and only partially clothed, at the most.

Speaking of which, it's 67 degrees out there. The Starbucks chick said, "Are you sure you want a frappacino? You'll freeze." Oh, Florida. How I love you.

Chris is playing in ANAHEIM?? Man. I'd catch a plane, but I'm working xmas eve and day. Darn you, Chris!! You're testing me, aren't you?

...this knee chair is cutting off all circulation to my feet. But it is pretty comfortable.
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