silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dudes, no way can I tell you ten things about myself. Like I'm that self-aware! You should tell me ten things about me. That'll satisfy my ego even better than talking about myself would.

Oh, okay. Trouble is, the statements, they won't stay discrete. Maybe I should label them all "Number One."

1. I'm evasive, and snippy, but mostly harmless. When I'm harmful, it's because I'm also insightful and articulate, and love to use my powers for evil.

2. I like to think my sense of humor excuses anything, and am surprised every time like the first time when it doesn't. (cf. #1)

3. I kneejerk against people who are manipulative, whiny, or arrogant, possibly because I hate those tendencies in me. I suffer no fools, and I'm firmly convinced I'm not one, FIRMLY. Maybe a little shallow. Ahaha.

4. I have a desperate, shameful love of mockery. Myself, others, it's all good. (cf. #1, #2, #3)

5. I love to write nsync slash, and it's my utter, carefully guarded secret that I want to be acknowledged a genius at it. Isn't it? Secondarily, I wouldn't mind actually BEING a genius at it.

6. I have extreme mawkish tendencies, LOVE THAT, and simultaneously despair of ever getting a comment about my writing that doesn't include the word "sweet."

7. I learned my few social skills in my late 30s omg. Really, it explains a lot. Dammit. I can't track a conversation to save my life, and I tend to forget to maintain friendships.

8. It's all about me. No, it is. Shhh. I'm talking.

9. I care desperately about other people, but omg could anything be more scary? Thus, I'll see ya 'round. (cf. #1-8) However, my job is shredding me with the sadness lately, probably because I can't "see ya 'round" to do it well. Sucks.

10. Nsync, I love them. This fandom, fuck yeah. It's, like, my light sometimes, I have to say. All above statements and love for complication aside, I'm really happy to be here.

Nary a solid fact in the bunch. *buffs fingernails on cute strappy t-shirt*

And, yourselves? How's Saturday treating you? We could talk about sesa if you wanted, anonymously. Or is it too soon?

Well, it is for me. Hee!
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