silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Gray day, looks like it's going to rain. Today I'm studying oncologic emergencies and mulling over my story, which has not yet chosen to reveal itself to me. Eh. Later on I'll force myself to write something, and see if the jumpstart works. If not, I'm off tomorrow, too. Plenty of time.

I took the job as primary preceptor for my unit. I'll still work with all of our patients and doctors, but I'll be at a nice stress-relieving remove, because I'll really be working with all the new nurses, helping them to get settled in. Also, I get to set my own schedule, more or less, so it'll be good with school. Should be okay. I forgot to ask my manager how gigantic the raise is going to be, though. Too bad, she probably needs a good laugh.

Wasn't that nice of JC to lend Chris his bandana for the Stillrrs game? Least he could do, I reckon, considering it's his fault Chris's hair was all stiff and sticky, and he barely left Chris enough time to get to the game, much less shower. JC's so considerate, in the end.


Ah, maturity. How I long for you. But how will I recognize you when at last we meet? I know! Wear a red rose in your lapel, and panties on your head. I'll be the one in the wetsuit, rolling on the ground. We can meet at the mall, and have lunch in the food court. It'll be grrrrrrt.

I feel kind of sorry for my sesa recip right now.

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