silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Today I told my advisor Florida Hospital only pays 1500 bucks total toward tuition and she said "You need a scholarship!" and I said "Omg I know!" and she said she'll get me one. That's nice. Because I paid my tuition today with my credit card and the poor dear thing squeaked in my hand.

Yes, that means Fl hosp pays less than one semester's worth of graduate tuition. Then again, they pay their nurses approx. four bucks an hour, or so it feels at times, so why should I be surprised. They totally support continuing ed. if I'm willing to indenture myself, but I'm just not. I have this rosy fantasy where I take my Master's in Nursing Ed and my Oncology National Cert. and wander off to Bethesda or somewhere, where they start their educators at 70,000 bucks a year, which is approx. 14 times what I'm making now. But I can't do that if I'm living in the basement underneath the cafeteria at Fl hosp and only coming out to work my shifts, blinking in the glare of the fluorescents.

What. It is too all about the $$, all other things being equal.

Today I also scheduled the date for my Oncology National Cert., so I guess that might be why I'm extra jazzed right now. Well, okay. That and the fact that in a rush of sesa mania this afternoon, I wrote a story.


Like, wrote it. Like... don't hate me. I'm sorry.

I'm sure when I read it over after the rush from all the chocolate chip Eggos wears off, I'll have to start again.
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