silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yesterday I saw the old primary preceptor for our unit, who left the job in a move of admirable self preservation. I flang my arms about her because she's just that cool. She patted me when I told her I was taking her old job, and said "Hahahaha, congratulations?" and I said "But I won't let them run my ass around, I WON'T." She said "Of course, dear." Lord, what have I done.

But truthfully, days like the last two remind me that any hell's better than the one you're in, at least for a while. Plus, I'll be able to call her up and bitch, and let her tell me "I told you so." That's got to be worth something.

In cheerier news, last night all the boat owners on Lake Orienta organized a little Christmas Parade, and there had to be twenty boats all motoring about, covered with sparkly lights and blaring out competing Christmas tunes. Ahahaha! It was fabulous.

Project Runway! Yay! I may have to write myself a little postit, so I remember to watch it. That's the problem I have with other shows, alas. So, we have an Arrogant Designer, a Bitchy one, a Weak Emo Link, a Techno Geek, and a few other kind of generic folk who may emerge from the herd as time passes, including the winner of the Clothes Off Your Back Challenge, who made a kickass dress but seems kind of bleh herself. Also, Daniel Franco, who is just too deliciously weird. Fun challenges, so far, and Diane Von Furstenhoweveryouspellthat for the first guest judge, awesome! That bodes well for how trendy the show's becoming. I'm glad. Heidi Klum never annoys me at all (unlike Tyra Banks), and Michael Kors and the Elle Magazine person, they are bitchy in all the best ways, i.e., based on experience and competence in their craft. Plus, the Fashion Week thing was so much fun last season, and... okay, yes, I keep thinking JC'll show up one time. Ahahaha! Shut up. I can't help it.

Today: Hair dye and Billboard mag, if it's to be found. Sesa. Lunch, and perhaps dinner, too. Sleeeep, my old friend. Yoga.

Ten Things Never To Be Spoken Of Again? Buzzah? Man, usually I get more rumblings on the old wanklist, but today I am bereft. Anyone care to enlighten me?
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