silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

LJ, I am filled with curiosity. What do you consider to be the qualities of a good challenge moderator? What are the duties, what is the role, how can the job be done well, or poorly?

I'm not asking because I have any desire to do it. I still think my computer is a big tin can connected to the internets with a long string. But I'm struggling with an email I have to write, and I'm hoping to be able to crib your ideas clarify my thoughts, based on your advice. Gracias, so very many.

Yesterday a patient of mine had severe rigors, really bad total body chills associated with the high dose chemo he was getting. I hit him up with a milligram of dilaudid, and he said, "sklkhfh;LKJHKJH," and relaxed instantaneously. Then he smiled at me and said, "Mary, I feel really good." It was so cute. Three cheers for IV narcotics!

I'm a total drug pusher, I know, but after that he got up and ate lunch and told some jokes and watched tv, whereas before he lay there with his eyes scrunched up, saying, "No, just some tylenol, please." He's a military man, you see. Drugs are bad. Except now I think I have him to the point of realizing that feeling crappy takes energy, and sometimes it's okay to feel good, it's actually better for your body. That's the theory behind the desirability of effective pain control, in fact. He finally told me, "I've felt a lot of new feelings since this all started," and that's okay, that's better. It's probably the first time I've heard him complain or even talk much about his leukemia, and he's learning that some feelings are good to feel, if hard, but sometimes you have to calm the body down a bit in order to do that work.

Seven days off, yay. Phone call from work at 8 am, boo. Perhaps soon I'll listen to the message. :)

Today is for writing and Xmas shopping and studying and walking around the lake and possibly driving over to UCF, because they lost my check for the FBI background search. Ahahaha! What does that meeeeean? Is it some sort of sign?
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